Anthology Poem


The children in Year 2 wrote a class anthology using alliteration.

Class Anthology

A is for angry Aleksandra who always throws apples.

B is for little Brodie who picks up giant spiders.

C is for cuddly Cindy who hugs her friends.

C is for curly Christina who likes chocolate cakes.

C is for crying Caitlin who pinches my arm.

C is for crawling Casey who plays with a ball.

E is for exciting Emile who gets presents from everyone.

D is for dancing Danielle who skips around the playground.

F is for fun Finley who always does really exciting things.

F is for amazing Freya who is good at tricks.

H is for hard Hugh who is always hardworking.

H is for happy Hope who is always very helpful.

J is for joyful Jesse who prays a lot.

L is for lucky Liam who wins a price.

L is for lazy Lordina who never does her work.

L is for lightning Lily who works very fast.

M is for moody Maria who always pushes people who are fine.

M is for messy Martina who is dirty all the time.

M is for Mr Matthew covered in slime

M is for mighty Max who always fights.

M is for musical Morgan who always sings.

M is for munching Mya who always eats her food.

M is for magical Mark who often disappears.

N is for nice Natalia who always goes to school.

S is for sneaky Shemen who hides his food.

S is for special Summer who is sensible.

S is for sensing Sam who smells from far away.

S is for selfish Samuel who always messes up the table.

T is for terrific Tania who is always perfect.

T is for tickly Tilly who always tickles people.


Year 2, St Peter