Year 3








Term 1

Music: Three little birds – We will learn how to create, perform, and analyse short descriptive compositions that combine sounds, movements and words.

Religion: The Christian Family – We will learn what happens at Baptism and what it means to be part of the Christian family; we will learn about signs and symbols and the promises made by parents and godparents.

Science: Forces and Magnets- We will learn all about forces and investigate magnets.

History: Life in Ancient Greeks – We will know about Ancient Greek life, theatre, gods and literature; we will learn about the story of the Trojan Horse, the Battle of Marathon and several famous myths and legends.

Computing: We are programmers – We will learn how to create an animated cartoon character.

DT: Sandwich Snacks – We will look at different breads and sandwich fillings and then design a healthy sandwich which we will make and evaluate.

PE: Gymnastics – We will be able to form sequences of movement and perform them.

PE: Invasion Games – Hockey– We will learn how to pass and dribble a ball with a stick correctly; we will practice shooting into a target and work with a partner or team effectively.

Term 2

Music:Ho Ho Ho – We will create simple rhythmic patterns and perform them rhythmically using notation as a support.

Religion: Mary our Mother – We will learn about the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity and the visit of the wise men and the shepherds; we will learn about the role of Mary and understand the meaning of the Hail Mary.

Computing: We are bug fixers– We will work with the scratch programme to find and correct errors. They will learn how to correct common types of programming errors through problem solving and logical thinking.

Art: Portraying Relationships – We will compose self-portraits and make compositions showing the relationship between two people; we will also look at the work of various artists.

Science: Materials (thermal)-  We will look at how heat travels through various materials and compare insulators and conductors; we will measure temperature accurately using thermometers and be aware of how to keep bodies warm or cool where appropriate.

PE:  invasion Games – Football – We will learn how to pass a ball and dribble; we will work as members of a team and use space appropriately building up team strategies.

PE: Dance and Drama: The Circus –We will be able to work as a whole group working collaboratively on a performance including all the elements taught in the previous term.

Geography: Volcanoes- We will look at all aspects of volcanoes from the physicality of the volcanoes to the affect they have on the surrounding area.

Term 3

Music: Glockenspiel Stage 2 – We will create, combine and perform rhythmic and melodic, material as part of a class performance of a song.

Religion: Sacrament of Reconciliation – We will learn about Lent and the sacrament of Reconciliation; we will listen to forgiveness stories including Zacchaeus, the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep.

Science: Light– We will learn that light travels in straight lines and sort materials into transparent, translucent and opaque; we will learn about how we see things and how a periscope works as well as how shadows are formed.

History: The Stone Age- We will be looking at all aspects of the Stone Age, including the hunter-gatherer life style, cave drawings, weapons and the Skara Brae settlement plus Stonehenge.  

Art: Can we Change Places? – We will investigate Greek pots and then draw and design our own using ICT and other materials; we will design, make and evaluate our own clay pots.

Computing: We are presenters- The children will create a short narrated video of themselves practicing a sport or other skill, and use this to help improve their performance.

PE: Gymnastics – Introduction to KS2 Apparatus – We will create short sequences of travelling in different ways on a bench and be able to perform a forward roll on the mats.

PE: Games- Invasion games Dodgeball- We will practice catching and throwing correctly and play team games being aware of rules and space.

Term 4

Music: Benjamin Britten- There was a Monkey – We will be learning how to recognise and use pentatonic scales and create short melodies and accompaniments.

Religion: Celebrating the Mass – We will learn about what happens at Mass, especially at Holy Communion; we will learn some of the responses of the Mass and know how we should behave.

Geography: Weather Around the World – We will locate hot and cold places on the map and use atlas and globes; we will learn about wildlife in desert and polar regions and will track weather over a period of time

DT: Photograph Frames – We will investigate various free-standing items and then design a free-standing photo-frame, thinking of audience, purpose and practicality.

Science: Rocks- We will learn how the Earth is formed, they will learn about the different types of rocks within the earth.  They will learn about the rock cycle and will understand how rocks can be useful to us. 

Computing: We are engineers- We will learn how a computer network works. The children will use stimulation and learn some simple prompt tools for testing network connections.

PE: Invasion football- We will learn how to play football and the different positions of the game.

PE: Dance- Paired dancing- We will learn how to work as a team and learn a routine.

Term 5

Music: Let your spirit fly – We will learn a song and add instruments.

Religion: Celebrating Easter and Pentecost – We will learn about the resurrection, the Road to Emmaus and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost; we will learn about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

PE: Swimming - We will be able to perform the correct leg and arm pull for front and back crawl.

PE: Invasion Games – Tennis – We will learn how to hit and strike a ball into spaces and will practice running, chasing and returning the ball correctly.

ICT: We are communicators-We will learn about e-safety. We will look at how to use email and video conferencing.

Science: Animals including humans- We will learn about animals and humans.

History: Roman Britain – We will learn when, why and how the Romans invaded Britain.

Art: Investigating Patterns – We will look at a variety of patterns at home and in the environment; we will use a variety of techniques and materials to produce patterns using ICT where appropriate.

Term 6

Music: Reflect, Rewind and Replay – We will learn how to recognise and explore some characteristics of singing games, consolidating a sense of pulse and ability to perform with others.

Religion: Being a Christian – We will learn about influential Christians including St. Peter and St. Paul and reflect on our own gifts and talents so we can be better Christians.

Geography: What’s in a region? Comparing the North-West of England and East Anglia- We will compare and contrast the North-West of England and East Anglia.

PE: Swimming: We will be able to perform the correct leg and arm pull for front and back crawl, breathing correctly and positioning the body appropriately.

Science: Plants– We will learn about parts of plants and their uses; we will know about water transportation; we will know about the conditions to grow a healthy plant and the characteristics of living things.

PE: Athletics – We will practice running, throwing and jumping skills and develop techniques to increase control and co-ordination.

DT: Moving Monsters – We will design a monster with moving parts by pneumonic systems and evaluate work.

Computing: We are opinion pollsters – We will learn how to create our own opinion poll, seek responses, and then analyse the results.