Hayling Island 2015

Our trip to Hayling Island

The beginning of our trip began when we boarded the coach filled with excited, ready to enjoy a week full of adventure and pleasure. As soon as the Y5 and Y6s departed the coach, our instructors met us and directed us to the main hall; we left our suitcases there because, little did we know, weren’t needed for the future hour. After we had lunch and were put into our groups, our instructors included us in numerous group activities – we even named our groups, they were:

  1. Squad 101
  2. C rexes
  3. Champions
  4. Chocolate waffles.

Every group, throughout the week, took part in lots of fun activities; whether it was kayaking or snorkelling, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and creating lots of memorable memories of our time there. The nights were even jam packed (movie nights, camp fires and discos), there was never a dull moment!