Year R sharing lunch with their parents

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On Monday our new Reception class enjoyed their first school dinner shared with their parents.

Roots To Food KS2

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Two teams of children had the challenge to create a tasty, healthy meal from fresh ingredients. The red team created salmon fishcakes on a bed of spinach and pasta with onion and pepper chutney. The green team created coronation chicken with rice and bombay potatoes. Both teams cooked delicious and tasty meals - and healthy too!

Year 5 Election June 2017

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As the country went to the polls in the General Election, the children in Year 5 held an election of their own. They formed parties, choosing names, and discussed policies to include in their manifestos. They presented their manifestos to the whole school and then everybody - staff included - cast their votes in a ballot box. The votes were counted and the winning party was announced. Well done to the Strong Smiggles (Smiles and Giggles) Party!

Year 5 Science, June 2017

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We learned about the digestive system by simulating what happens inside our bodies when we eat and drink. We crushed different foods and mixed them with orange juice and water. After that, we squeezed the mixture through the leg of a pair of tights. It was messy and smelly but fun.

Year 1 trip to Horton Kirby.

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Year 1 went to Horton Kirby on 18th March. We looked at different plants and flowers. We even had a paddle in the river.

Book Week Egg Drop Challenge

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On Book Dress Up Day, children attended different themed activities. Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Challenge required children to get an egg to survive a 3 metre drop without cracking. It was very egg-citing!

Year 3 St Luke Lullinstone Trip

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Year 3 St Luke visited Lullingstone Country Park and Lullingstone Roman Villa to learn more about early settlements.

Year R - Releasing our butterflies

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We have enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow and turn into cocoons and now we've set them free.

Year 3 St Luke - Picture Frames

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Last term we designed and created our very own picture frame

Earth Day 2017

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All classes produced artwork to celebrate Earth Day and an exhibition was held recently. Parents and carers were invited to view their children's work and gave very positive feedback.


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On 28th April, Year 5 were invited to Northfleet Technology College for basketball practice. The children learned new skills and improved those they already had.

Year 5 Cooking

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Darren from 'Roots to Food' came to the school to show children from Year 5 how to cook a healthy meal - oriental honey and orange meatballs served with vegetable noodle chow mein and sweet and sour sauce. It was great fun, very informative and the end product was delicious!

The Romans are coming!

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Year 3 St Luke re-enact the Iceni revolt against the Romans.

Poems based on Ning Nang Nong

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Y2 wrote their own poems based on Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan.

Recorder Festival April 26th 2017

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Rehearsing for Recorder Festival at St. Georges Church in Gravesend

The Kent Museum of Life

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Year 2 got the chance to get close to some pigs, hamsters, lambs, rabbits and many more animals.

Church Visit

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RE Topic 'The Mass'. Father Michael gave Year 2 a tour of our Church.

Stone Age Scenes Year 3 St Luke

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Stone Age scenes created in natural materials


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The children had to push cars on different surfaces to measure distance travelled and force needed.

Wind up Toys

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The children had to create a wind up toy from the design they made.

Book Week 2016

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Kitchen Science

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Bridge Building Y6 2016

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The whole Yr6 class worked in groups to make bridges from a variety of materials such as wood, corks, string, paper, and glue. Their models are on display along the corridors.

Year of Mercy

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Yr 4 Chairs

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French Trip

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Yr 5/6 Clay

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Year 5/6 Pizza

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Aladdin 2014

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Prayer Service

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Lordina Prayer

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Tayt at Number 10

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Tayt at No 10 with the Commonwealth Baton relay

Sports Day 2014

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