Our writing 2014 Yr 1 St Andrew


I am Better than OK


I am OK at hula hooping but I am good at eating fruit.


I am OK at doing writing but I am good at reading stories.


I am OK at drawing pictures but I am amazing at running.


I am OK at writing stories but I am amazing looking after animals.


By Emma aged 5 years


I am OK at drumming but I am good at reading.


I am OK at letters but I am fantastic at writing stories.


I am OK at playing but I am very good at babysitting.


I am OK at football but I am super at basketball.


By Soteria aged 5 years 


Our shopping poems


When Mrs Arundell went shopping she bought


A fairy cake


And a pie to bake


A clip for her hair


And a pretty chair


A magic hat


And a cuddly cat


A kite


And a knight


By Ashna Age 5 years


When Mrs Arundell went shopping she bought
A smelly rat
And a tall witch’s hat
A big fat cat
And a vampire bat
A crumble to bake
And some cake.


By Akua aged 5


When Mrs Arundell went shopping she bought
A sweetie shop
And a lolly pop
Soggy socks
And a little sneaky fox.


By Rihanna aged 5


When Mrs Yasmin went shopping she bought
A cherry pie
And a fairy patch for her eye
A fairy that can talk
And can walk
A princess chocolate cake
And a lake
A hairy cat
And a smelly rat.


By Nour aged 5




Once upon a time. there was a little boy. and his name was Dave. Dave’s favourite toy was called Dogger. Dave took Dogger everywhere. Bella went to school one day Dave put Dogger on the gate so he could see.There was a ice cream truck outside the school. Dogger got lost. they went home leaving Dogger behind. Dave couldn’t sleep without him.


By Akua Aged 5


Dogger was a dog he was Dave best toy. Dave lost Dogger. Next morning there was a toy stall. In the toy stall there was Dogger. had a tag it said five p he had only three p he searched the crowd he only found Bella they rushed back but a little girl took Dogger they swapped the bear.


By Mya aged 5?

Once there was a little boy. Called dave and he had a dog. Called Dogger one day mum and Dave went to pick. Bella from school. And Dogger was lost and then dave said I wand Dogger and Bella and mum and dad was finding Dogger one day there was a fair at Bella school but a little girl bought Dogger and Dave was crying and the little girl was crying too and the little girl stopped crying (because) of the teddy in Bella’s Hand. Then the little girl gave Dogger to Dave. And Dave was happy. And mum and DaD and Bella was Happy too.


By Saniya aged 5


My Favourite Toy


My toy is a princess doll she has red hair and curly hair. She has spots on her face. She is made out of wood. She has a green dress. She is beautiful because she has make-up on her. She has a little bit of yellow on her dress. She is peach.


By Nour aged 5

My toy is a showdog. He does a flip in the air when you are not expecting him to. I like to cuddle him.

By Bruno aged 5

A Setting: The Woods

I can see the trees and the leaves they can be crunchy and. I can see the bench and it is white because it is painted. And the colourful leaves. And I can see 100 of trees and the sun light and the shadows of the trees.

By Jakub aged 5


Once I lost my teddy his name was shaun I went to springhead I put him on the wall when I went home I couldnt find him. I was sad. The next day I went to springhead I found him I was so happy I took him home.

By Ricardo aged 5


Noah’s Ark


Once there was a man called Noah. There were selfish people but Noah was good. Noah prayed to God. Noah’s family prayed too. God made bad people. God’s heart was in pain. God said to Noah that he was going to make a flood so God said to Noah that he needed to build an ark. Noah listened to God because Noah loved God so Noah built the ark. Then the flood was raining for forty days and nights too. The storm began to stop and God put a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Noah was happy. God was happy too. God and Noah and Noah’s family were happy, and the animals. The selfish people were gone. Noah was happy about that. Noah loved God every day. Noah loved the animals. Noah loved his children. Noah loved his family.


By Saniya


Noah’s Ark


A long time ago the people were naughty. God said I will destroy the people and start again. But Noah was the only one that prayed to God. God said to Noah build an ark so Noah built the ark. He let the animals in. It started to rain.  Then the world was flooded. Noah sent a dove but the dove didn’t find any dry land. Then he sent it again. This time the dove found an olive branch. It showed dry land. He waited and waited. Soon it was safe. Then it was safe to get out of the ark. Noah opened the door because it was safe to get out of the ark. God sent a rainbow to promise to not flood the earth again.


By Ashna


Shopping Since the 1930s


First we looked at pictures and photos like then and now. Second we wrote about our favourite shop in the past. My favourite part of the shop was writing about the fishmongers. The fishmongers had crabs and lobsters and also mussels. After that we learned that that they hadn’t got any scanners in the past. Then we found out that they didn’t have any calculators in the past. They just had to ask for the food and the man or woman got it for them.


By Soteria


My Alien: The Story


Once there was an alien. He was looking to fly a space ship but he crashed on Earth. He wasn’t holding on tight so he fell out. He wandered away. He got lost in the trees and bushes. He couldn’t see his mum anywhere. She felt lonely. He wanted a friend to play with. At last she found a little girl called Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s sister was Rihanna. They played snakes and ladders. After that they played hopscotch. His mum came and then he went home. He said goodbye. His spaceship was yellow and the door was pink.


By Akua


My Alien: The Story


Once there was an alien called Flippee. One day he went in the spaceship. He accidentally crash-landed on Earth. He made a friend. They played and played. They had fun. Then they had to go home. He said will I see you again. Then he lost his super power to get home. Bye bye he said to his friends. That was why he was in the UFO.


By Eddie


My Alien: The Story


Once there was an alien called Robo. He was driving a spaceship but one alien was outside finding some alien food to eat. His name was Robod. One alien was waiting on the spaceship. Robod found a friend. His name was Olere. Then Olere loved him very much. So when the boy got him he took him everywhere but Robod had special powers. He could make anything fly and he could make spaceships fly. He could really make anything fly and he could make his breakfast using magic.


By Caroline


My Alien: The Story


My alien lived in a spaceship. He landed on earth. Then he tried to find Mum and then he found a friend. His friend was a boy and the said what is your name? My name is Yak. What is your name? It is Spotty and do you want to play football? He said yes. I need to go home.


By Cian


My Alien


My alien has three arms. She is a girl. She has a stripy body. She has seven eyes and she has wiggly ears. Her name is Dory. She has eight legs and her eyes are blue. She has superpowers and she can fix toys. She is a goody. She has purple skin. She has a wiggly hairband and it is pink. It has flowers on it. She is short and wears pink lipstick.


By Nour


My Alien


My alien has big bunches of hair. She has four eyes. Out of her eyes come lasers. She has pretty lips. She can do a cartwheel on the beam. She can eat lots of fruit. She cooked food for  me. She has dimples.


By Mya


My Alien


My alien has a red, black and green face and red eyeballs. He has no mouth and has spiky hair. Blasters come out of his mouth. Spiders come out of his hand. He has whips. He can free things. He can throw slims. He is really strong.


BY Ricardo


My Special Day


First I had to pick up Ben and Uncle Peter because ben was invited to Nour’s birthday party. I felt excited, very excited, very. Then me and Ben got there. Everyone was dancing. Then me and Ben were dancing. Ben accidentally popped two balloons. It was loud. Ben was sad. It was funny. Me and Ben went to the party lady and she gave me and Ben a tattoo. I had a love heart. Ben had a dinosaur. The party lady started the games. I won a prize. The game was musical statues. It was fun.


By Emma