Yr R Writing

We had a story writing morning.

Notes and instructions were left for us by pirates, dinosaurs, jungle animals and a space man.

We all wrote stories to help them.


Once upon a time a tyrannosaurs rex was lost in the woods. He couldn’t find his mum. He was hungry. He looked and looked but he could find his mum. He saw a tall tree and he climbed on the tall tree. He chased his dad. His dad could see him. They went home. At some there was mum. They had a party.  They ate lots of food. The end.

By Melissa


Once upon a time a space man was going to the moon, to meet an alien he saw from his window. The alien looked like a monster. The alien had three eyes. The space man went home. The alien said good-bye. The spaceman got in his rocket and he blasted to earth.

By André


Once upon a time there was a pirate. The pirates looked for treasure. They were on a ship. They had a map. They found the treasure. It was glittery.

By Malena


Once upon a time the pirates were fighting crocodiles.

By Mason


Once upon a time a baby lion was lost. He was scared. He met an elephant. They went on a journey, they went to the zoo to see a turtle. They fell in the water. They were sad.

By Issy

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur. He looked for food. He got some grass. He laid an egg. Out came a baby dinosaur. She was purple and blue.

By Aiste