Accelerated Reader

The school has an exciting new programme to support children’s reading from Year 2 up to Year 6.  The programme is ‘Accelerated Reader’, which is a successful programme used in schools across the world.  Accelerated Reader is a programme that allows for parents/carers and the school to work together in partnership.  The child will read at home, have quizzes in school (based on the book read by the child) and assessment of a child’s reading which can be accessed by parent/carer and school after the assessment has taken place.  Accelerated Reader supports and develops each child’s reading skills by sequencing reading books that are matched to the child’s ability and needs based on their assessment.  Mrs Owen has led the project to introduce Accelerated Reader and I would like to thank her and staff for all their hard work to get Accelerated Reader in place for the children.  While the programme can have a big impact on children’s learning in reading and support a love of reading, the school needs parents/cares to work with the school to ensure children get the most from this programme and achieve the success they are capable of and deserve.    

Below is the link for parents/carers to click on to load up Accelerated Reader and children are bringing home today their username and password for parents/carers to log into Accelerated Reader 


Please see the video below, produced by Mrs Owen informing parents and carers about Accelerated Reader, as we currently cannot hold meetings in school. This will also be available via ClassDojos from Monday:

Accelerated Reading Video


Accelerated Reader have produced a leaflet for parents and carers and this will be available via ClassDojos and the website:

AR Parents Guide