At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we aim to foster a love of reading in all our children. All classes have stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction texts, appropriate to their age group, read to them. Phonics is taught through discrete daily sessions from EYFS to Year 2 with sessions in KS2 where needed. The school follows the Letters and Sounds guidance. Children learn individual letter sounds and how to blend and segment in Reception. During Years 1 and 2 children learn sounds represented by two or more letters e.g. ee or ch.

All children in the school read regularly with an adult. Children read books from reading schemes which have been colour banded according to levels of difficulty. Once children have completed the reading scheme, they become ‘free readers’ and are encouraged to select their own books from their classroom reading corners or from home. All children are encouraged to share these books with their parents at home, in order to develop their decoding and comprehension skills.  

In KS1, reading is also taught through group guided reading sessions using picture books by significant authors, extracts from a range of texts as well as sets of Oxford Reading Tree stories. In KS2, extracts from novels, leaflets, letters or picture books which relate to the classes creative curriculum topic are used for daily whole class guided reading sessions.

Every class benefits from protected reading time each day. During this time children are given the opportunity to read, share and discuss books of their choice. A range of books are also available for children to read and share with each other at lunchtimes and every classroom displays engaging texts related to their current creative curriculum topic.

At St Joseph’s we understand the value of developing confident and enthusiastic readers, therefore we take every opportunity to promote reading and to ensure that it is enjoyable for all.